Charlotte Roodt

Nature Blogger

Hello, I’m Charlotte and passionate about nature and connecting people to it. I'm a biomedical scientist who is fascinated by all living things and would like nothing more than to share this with you all.

After a wonderful and exciting childhood growing up in Zimbabwe and then moving and raising a family in South Africa, I now find myself living in the UK.

Quite soon after arriving here my granddaughter was born, this ignited my passion for Nature and protecting the planet for future generations. I believe we can do this by reconnecting ourselves back to Nature as we seem to have forgotten we are all part of it.

It is my aim to bring you insightful uplifting posts looking at ways of reconnecting with all things natural. Having a scientific background I am fascinated by how the latest technologies are helping to protect Nature and how research into how Nature has evolved to solve her own problems can be applied to our own current human problems, this is a field known as biomimicry.

It is my hobby to scour the internet for these latest discoveries and share them with you here.